At Pefoma, we are committed to promoting diversity and equity of all forms in the music industry. While today we see a plethora of women who are achieving great success, there is still much more work to be done. Off the back of the long-anticipated end of lockdown, the UK 2021 festival season has seen record ticket sales and has certainly been one to remember. Yet there has been a serious lack of women acts in the line-ups. One of the UK’s biggest dance festivals featured a shocking 91% male line-up, while another multi-genre big name was made up of 73% male acts.

We recognise the powerful contributions that women make to the music scene, and believe that they deserve equal representation when it comes to getting booked. Our Pefoma Presents shows to date have been made up of 72% female acts, and this month we’re dedicating a live music session solely to women.

On Sunday 26th September, we will be celebrating women in the music industry with our Pefoma Presents Athena Unplugged. Although women have dominated our shows so far, we still think it is important to do more to combat the serious lack of representation in other areas of the music business. Which is why Athena Unplugged will have an entirely female line-up.

Athena Unplugged Artist Line-up

For the name of the show, we were inspired by the Greek goddess Athena. The most potent woman within Greek mythology, Athena and what she represents has had a huge cultural impact throughout multiple millennia. To us, she symbolises the strength in femininity that is often overlooked, and that we wish to highlight through our upcoming show.

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