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My Account

How do I create an Artist profile?
Within your Profile menu, choose the option “Switch to Artists Profile”. In order to verify your status as an Artist, you will be required to connect to your Spotify for Artists account. If you do not have a Spotify for Artist account, you can provide your Instagram profile name in the option provided and follow the instructions on screen. You will be notified within 3 days on the status of your request. If you are successful, your profile will be automatically switched to an Artists profile, with a green verified tick next to your profile picture.

NB: To ensure we keep the platform relevant, we follow very strict criterial in our verification process.

Can a record label create an account on pefoma?
Yes. As a record label, you can create a single Artist profile account on Pefoma where you can host content from all the Artists on your roster. If you are the rights holder, your Artists can also perform live streams via your profile.

Can I follow other Artists?

Can I follow fans?

Where do I update my profile info?
You can edit your profile on the Pefoma app or via the Pefoma Artists Portal.

Can i add my manager to look after my account?
Yes. You can do this on the Pefoma Artists Portal.

How do I log on to the web?
You MUST logon to the web the same way you would logon to the mobile app. The only exception is if you logon with your mobile number on the app. In this instance you will need to logon on to the portal using your email and password.

Exclusive Content

What can I use for exclusive content??
Firstly – your imagination! You can use anything you like and the more creative the better! As you are charging for this content it needs to be that little bit special and not available any where else.

Can I post this content to my other social platforms?
No. The whole reason behind this feature is that you are releasing EXCLUSIVE content, and if you are expecting fans to pay to access this, you can’t post it elsewhere. This could severely damage your brand, result in refunds from unhappy fans and a possible ban on Pefoma.

Who decides the fee for accessing my content?
You do! The amount you decide to charge in Pefoma coins, goes directly to you. We do recommend you keep the prices reasonable to attract repeat purchases.

Does Pefoma take a fee off the amount I set for my exclusive content?


Where do I access messaging?
You can access your messages wherever you see the messaging icon – on the home screen, your profile screen or the Artists profile screen.

Can I send pictures and videos in messaging?
Yes! Click the + icon within the messaging screen, and it will give you the option to Take Photo, Take Video, or to choose from your phones library.

I am receiving inappropriate messages – can I block the sender?
This is something we will not tolerate on the platform. Yes, you can most certainly report and block the sender. In your messages screen, swipe right on the conversation concerned, and you will see the options to Delete, Report & Block. If you want to report unsavoury messages, please hit the Report icon to let us know, then you can hit the Block icon to ensure no more messages can be received.

Live Streaming

Can I setup my own live stream?
Yes, of course!

How do I setup a live stream?
On the app, press the large Orange cross, centre bottom of your screen. That will give you the option to set up a Live Stream.

Can I stream for free?
Yes! If you want to hop on Live for any reason, now you can. Just ensure you leave the fee field blank so your viewers are not charged.

Is my live stream secure?
Yes! All live stream traffic through our systems are encrypted.

How much can I charge?
It’s entirely up to you what you charge for fans to view your stream. Minimum amount allowed is £0.52.

Can people join after I have started?
Yes, they can join at any time.

How long can I stream for?
You can stream for up to 4 hours, continuously.

Can I keep the after it’s finished?
Once the Stream is finished, you will be emailed a link to download the live stream video.

Is there a fee?
Setting up a live stream is completely free.

Can my audience interact with me on the live stream?
Yes, Fans can like, comment and send tips during the Live Stream.

Can I setup a live stream from the web?
Yes, you can.

I have a production team that handles my live streams, can I still use Pefoma?
Yes, you can. Our live stream system supports big live video production setups.

Is multi-camera supported?

What web browser works best for live streaming with Pefoma?
Most browsers work fine but we recommend Google Chrome for best user experience.

Can I cancel a scheduled live stream?
Yes, you can cancel a scheduled live stream before the start time. If its a paid stream and fans have purchased in advance, they will be automatically refunded.


How do I purchase Pefoma coins?
Within your profile, click on the ellipsis menu to select Wallet from the options. In your Wallet, click on the Purchase Coins button to buy Pefoma coins.

Are there any limits to the amount of coins I can earn?

How do I make a withdrawal request?
First you will need to link your verified PayPal business account as all payments will be done through PayPal. You can then make a withdrawal request from your wallet.

Is there a limit to how much I can withdraw?
You can make a withdrawal request when you have at least £100 in your wallet.

NB: Only one withdrawal request can be made in a calendar month.

How much is a coin worth to me?
1 Pefoma Coin = £0.008.

What is the pending balance amount?
Coins received from Fans for live stream access will be held here for 72hrs after the live stream has completed. This will then be released to your Available Balance.

Does Pefoma take a percentage of my total revenue?
No, what you earn on Pefoma is 100% yours.

Are payment processing fees applied?
Yes, we use PayPal for pay outs to your PayPal account who charge a 2% processing fee.

How do I get paid?
It’s simple, make a withdrawal request from your wallet. Once we receive your request, you will be paid directly to your PayPal Business account. Allow up to 3 working days to receive your funds.

Why do I need a PayPal business account?
We do recommend a PayPal Business account so that there are no restrictions on transaction volume.

Content on Pefoma

What type of content is displayed on my home screen?
Content from Artists that match your music genre selection as well as Artists that you follow, will appear in your home feed.

What style of photos or videos work best on the app?
Any content you create for the App will always look better in Portrait mode. As we live on our phones nowadays, you will appreciate how much better images look in Portrait on mobile devices. Landscape can be uploaded but the impact will be much better in Portrait. We also recommend you share content that adds value to your musical brand.

Are there size limits?
Yes, images = 20MB, Videos = 1GB and Video length = 10mins.


I’m getting too many notifications – can I turn them off?
You can manage which Notifications you receive in your Profile – hit the ellipsis icon on your Profile page, select “Settings” and select which notifications you want to pause.

Do my followers get notified when I post content?
Yes! They will get a Push Notification to their phone advising them you have shared new content, along with an In App notification which will take them directly to the post. They will also get notified if you go live.