Live Streaming

Live streaming is available to all Artists on Pefoma and allows up to 4 hours of continuous video streaming. We use the latest streaming technology to ensure you look and sound amazing, and give your audience the best experience possible. Our solution gives you full control to either create a free or paid pass for Fans to access your live streams.

Live streaming on Pefoma allows an Audience capacity of up to 1 million viewers.

Want to get your fans involved? You can invite up to 16 fans into your live stream for a one-to-one engagement.

Check out some of our Live Stream Ideas for inspiration.

Exclusive Content

Let your audience see the real you. Be original and give value to your fans with exclusive content which is ONLY available on Pefoma.

Our exclusive content feature allows you to set the price that fans would have to pay, in Pefoma coins, in order to view your content. This can be a pre-recorded video of your previous live concert or live session. You are in control.

Pefoma Coins

Pefoma enables Fans to both engage and show appreciation towards their favourite Artists.

Pefoma coins are used across the platform for access to live streams and to purchase exclusive content.  Pefoma coins can also be used for gifting artists, as well as tipping them during Live streams.

Coins can be purchased by anyone on Pefoma, in various bundles.


All coins received from your Live Streaming, gift coins, tips from Fans and purchases of your exclusive content will appear in your digital wallet in real-time so you can keep track of what you have earned.

You can make a withdrawal request when your Pefoma coin value is equal to or greater than £100.

We only support withdrawals to PayPay accounts, and as such, you must attached your PayPal account to your Pefoma wallet.