You are in control!

You as an artist can choose whether your content is free or paid to access. You can set a fee from as little as 52p. Live streams are our main type of content but you can post other types of videos and photos as well.

Where appropriate you can repost content that you’ve uploaded elsewhere, but we particularly love to see content that is only available on Pefoma. This will also increase your earning potential. We want the content that is uploaded onto Pefoma to be of high quality and to add value for the fans who watch it. They’re coming onto your profile because they can’t get enough of you, so showing them your personality will keep them hooked!

Here are some ideas for live streams:

>New music release
>Behind the scenes
>Studio sessions
>Music video (early access)
>Hybrid shows
>Master classes

DOs :                                                                                                 

>Get creative – Pefoma is a great space to experiment
>Show your face and personality as much as possible
>Use this as your chance to show off the best version of you and your music – industry professionals could well be watching
>Have fun with it!


>Post low-quality images or videos
>Post content that includes watermarks from other platforms
>Post content that doesn’t make you feel proud – think of Pefoma as a musical portfolio

Size limits

Images = 20MB, Videos = 1GB and Video length = 10mins.

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