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Crowdfunding in its rawest terms is getting small amount of support from a large audience (your loyal fans!). To make a music project happen you of course need passion, hard work and sheer determination. But you also need that word no one likes to talk or think about…MONEY… Unfortunately, its unavoidable if you intend to take your music promotion seriously. That loyal following that you have built, WANTS you to succeed, and by using Pefoma to crowdfund via Live Stream Performances, it enables you to give back almost immediately, and lets your audience feel directly involved in your success. Win win right?

Crowdfund your next project Pefoma

How to Crowdfund successfully:

  • Make a Business Plan; ensure you know your budget – think of everything you are going to need, and stick to it. This will help you set a realistic goal and ensure you deliver.
  • Promote the ever loving F’ out of it – It’s all up to you – tell EVERYONE. Get on all your other platforms and shout about it with links to your performance, your story and why you are doing this
  • WHY? – it’s easy to tell people WHAT you want but you need to tell them WHY also. Tell your story. Tell them where you’ve been and where you want to go. But most of all, tell them why you’re crowdfunding. Telling a story will help your project get traction and make you more personable to your audience. If a fan knows WHY you create for them, they’ll be way more likely to be open to support you.

Crowdfunding through Pefoma gives you infinite opportunities. It’s hard work. But if it works it pays off in a big way.

Plus everyone is happy. Your fans get to help you out directly and you get to give back to your audience in ways you never thought you could.

And let us know what you are up to! We could even help by featuring you on our socials, or on our Discover page within the app…anything is possible!

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