Live Stream Ideas

Virtual & Hybrid Shows

Pefomas’ bespoke plug and play solution ensures you can perform live both virtually and with an audience. Negating the need for third party solutions which take a fee – now you can stay in control and do it all yourself.

Crowdfund with Pefoma

Need to raise money for an upcoming music production, music video or tour? Create a pay per view live stream on Pefoma and tell your Fans to head over to Pefoma to support you.

Live Q&A

Connect with your Fans by giving them the opportunity to ask you all sorts of questions on anything from your upcoming releases to your personal musical passions.

Listening party

Bring out the drinks and throw a party to preview upcoming songs on your album for Fans at home.

Behind The Scenes

Whether it’s a Tour Rehearsal, Soundcheck, or the making of your Music Video; give your audience a sneak peak. Let your Fans dive into the step-by-step guide of the operations that go on behind your music.

Master Class

Master at producing music? Demon on the decks? Brilliant song writer? Put on a masterclass to both inspire and educate your audience.

Here are just a few key things to consider when planning you live stream.

Broadcast Platform

Look no further, our highly secure, state of the art live video streaming is built to handle both small & large scale productions.

Production Team

Quality is key when it comes to live streaming your show. You need a reliable production team to make your performance standout and your vision a reality. Our skilled production team can help you by providing support, technical advice and more –  all you need to do is ask.


Music venue, studio or open air – we have it covered. Our bespoke solution will ensure you capture the essence of your performance and let your virtual audience experience it in high quality HD.