Live Stream Setup

Built-in Camera & Microphone (Mobile)

With the Pefoma app installed on your mobile phone, you can live stream from the app with no additional system integration required. The app will need the “Allow” permission to use your mobile phone camera and microphone, THAT’S IT.

Built-in Webcam & Microphone (Computer)

You can setup a live stream on any desktop or laptop computer via the desktop version Pefoma ( Our bespoke live stream solution, allows you to select and preview your computers’ built-in Webcam & Microphone before you go live.

No additional system integration required. The quality of your live stream production will be largely dependent on the quality of the built-in Webcam & Microphone on the computer.

External Video Camera and Microphone (Computer)

Using a good quality spec camera and microphone will greatly improve the video quality of your live stream production. Most digital camera manufactures will require you to install their product software on your computer in order to use the camera as a webcam. Once all setup, you just need to select the external camera and microphone from the live stream device setup drop-down list in the preview screen.

External Multiple Camera and Audio Mixer (Computer)

Want to give your Fans a killer live stream performance? We recommend setting up at least 2 external HD Video Cameras and Audio Mixer/Interface for connecting your sound devices. Using a free software like OBS virtual camera, you can control the camera feed that goes into your live stream production. For much bigger productions, you can use live production switcher devices like the BlackMagic ATEM series.

Live streaming with OBS on Pefoma is only supported when live streaming from the desktop version of Pefoma. Live streaming from the app isn’t supported with OBS. Here are some scenarios and steps for setting up your live stream production on Pefoma using OBS.

Before you start, you will need to download and install the following components.

OBS desktop software
Virtual Audio Cable

Please note that we are not responsible for any issues caused installing these software on your computer device. For any of these software support, reach out to the vendors support channels directly.

Live streaming a pre-recorded video

You live stream a pre-record show on Pefoma. First you will need to import the video into OBS.

OBS setup

  1. Open OBS software on your desktop computer.
  2. Create and name your scene.
  3. Under “Sources”, click on the + button to add a “Media source” for the newly created scene. This will be the video file you intend to live stream.
  4. Under Audio Mixer, right click on the settings wheel and select the “Advanced Audio Option”. Under Audio Monitoring, select “Monitor and Output” for your media source and hit the “Close” button.
  5. Go to File > Setting > Audio. Under “Advanced” select the virtual audio cable installed as the Monitoring Device.
  6. Now close OBS.

Now you have OBS setup, you can now begin with setting up your live stream on Pefoma. Create your live stream by completing the fields as required. Hit the “Go Live Now” button which takes you to the preview and device setup screen. On the Pefoma device setup screen, select OBS Virtual Camera from the camera drop down list and for the Microphone, select your virtual audio cable from the drop down list and click the finish button.

Now launch OBS software and click on the “Start Virtual Camera” button”. Once you are done with your setup, just click on the orange “Play” button to go live.