The Ace up Your Sleeve

No-one needs to be reminded of the last 18 months. Banana bread and endless after-work zoom quizzes may have seemed like fun novelties last spring, but over a year later, we’re sick of lockdown adaptations and can’t wait to get back to normal. But while we will be completely wiping the word ‘tiers’ from our memories, there are some changes that we want to keep.

Although it’s not for everyone, working from home has proved pretty popular. Zero commute plus wearing pjs in our Monday meetings? Yes please! From the sounds of it, remote working is here to stay in at least some hybrid form. We also reckon that working from home can be extended to the music industry, specifically in the form of live streaming gigs.

With the live shows cautiously coming back, it might be tempting to abandon live streaming all together and just get back to the real deal. But here at Pefoma, we think that you should still consider keeping live streams in your calendar for at least some of the time. Here are a few reasons why you should have a live streaming strategy even when in-person shows come back: 

Additional Income Stream

Being an artist in 2021 means that you should have as many varied income sources as possible – music streaming, merch, sponsorships, brand deals – just because you never know when one of them might disappear. In today’s tough climate, everyone needs to be business-savvy. So even with live shows coming back later this year (fingers crossed) it’s important to keep live-streaming in your rotation. Just like with live shows, every live stream is an opportunity to be visible, make money and gain new fans.

Hybrid Shows Help Make Your Gigs More Accessible

Giving your fans the option to choose between watching the same show live or through a streaming platform like Pefoma could be a smart move. Many young or low-income audiences are unable to pay for more expensive concert tickets, but would be thrilled to be able to support you by paying a small fee to watch you via live stream. 

There are lots of people who are raring to get back out there and see live music, but we shouldn’t forget about those who are less keen. Whether it’s for health or financial reasons, lack of time, or reluctance to travel too often due to climate concerns, it is likely that some of your fans would still prefer to watch you virtually.

Our verdict is that it’s a win-win for artists. Simply stream your performance at the same time as you put on a live show, and make your music more accessible for every one of your fans.

Live Streams Are Perfect Outlets for Experimenting

Just like with an in-person performance or recording session, you get better at it the more you do it. The same goes for live streaming. The first tries might feel a little stop-and-go, but as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. It is possible that you may feel less nervous giving a virtual performance so it’s a great opportunity to try out new things. You might even find out that it’s not always about playing music – maybe you’ll just want to talk to your audience, chat and get to know each other.

Your true fans can never get enough of you so why not treat them to a new and exciting experience with regular live streams? Treating it as an experiment could even result in a new, unexpected type of show that you could monetise and save for your most loyal fans.

Live Streams Can Help Future-Proof Your Career

The last year has shown us that things can change in a second and nothing is as certain as we might think it is. This also applies to your career as an artist. Starting out with regular live-streams now can help you be way ahead of the game if something out of your control (like another pandemic, god-forbid) hits the world.

As we seem to be slowly emerging from lockdown there’s a lot of concern about the economy. But as we mentioned before, having another stream of income will really help you to be more financially secure and free to be creative in your career.

With the rise of hybrid performances, and the changes in how we access content coming out of the pandemic, Pefoma is here to enable artists to take charge of all aspects of their work and control their own destiny. Pefoma is a live-streaming app for music fans and musicians of any genre. It is designed to help musicians, venues and festivals create and monetise high quality livestreams and upload exclusive content. Available on the App Store and Google Play. Sign up today.

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