Traditionally musicians make money from royalties, playing live, merchandise etc, but this has to be shared amongst others and the artist is usually left with a small percentage, which can be demoralising and not reflective of the talent they possess and the work put in.

No platform exists that was created with the Artist in mind, and that focuses on opening other revenue streams to enable them to be compensated fairly for their work. Pefoma was born out of the need for this and below are the ways you can earn on the platform, and create new streams of income.

Move your Fans!

Probably the easiest thing to start with. Post on your other social media, links to download the app and get your Fans to come and follow you. Their support is instrumental in ensuring you earn and grow. This will boost your profile on Pefoma, increase visibility to potential new followers and could even get you featured on our “Discovery” page. Make sure your Artist profile is filled out and detailed enough to stand out.

Exclusive content

Exclusive content is a really easy way to monetise the content you have that is that little bit special!  Whereas your everyday feed would normally feature the usual snaps, endorsements and announcements, you can use your imagination to really create unique and inspiring content that you can monetise. This content MUST be exclusive to Pefoma. You cannot charge fans for Exclusive content for them to then see the content for free on another site. That would damage your brand and could also trigger refunds and the loss of this facility on your profile.

It is totally up to you the fee you charge for accessing these Exclusive pieces of work, but, to ensure you continue to get repeat purchases, we would strongly recommend that they are reasonably priced to help you earn whilst you are building your following. In addition, your content needs to be engaging, original, and from the fans perspective, value for money. For example, you could film a BTS document video of you in the Studio, upload an exclusive music preview, or something completely random like you cooking your favourite meal. Something that lets the fans see the real you, and that they see as worth the price.

The fee you charge to the Fan goes directly to your wallet – no fees are deducted by Pefoma from this.  Be as creative as you want to be. The only limit is your imagination!!


Gifts are another revenue stream available on Pefoma. It enables the Fan to show their appreciation for something you have done. Maybe you have posted an image on your profile that they admired, or created a killer video that you have shared to your followers.

The Fan decides the Gift value they will send from the options available. This again, goes directly to your wallet and no fees are deducted by Pefoma from this. The fan can send a message along with the Gift so you can get an insight as to what the Gift was for specifically.

It’s good to remind fans of the Gift function when you post something on your feed, or even after a Live Stream. It’s an easy way for Fans to show support, and again, the more work you put in on your profile, the better chance of it gaining popularity, followers, and increased earnings.

Live Streaming

We strongly recommend that you take time to really plan your live stream. Think about location, set list, backdrop, etc. Your fans are paying to see you perform so you need to ensure you give them the best experience you possibly can. Think about asking a friend to film, or set up multiple cameras to switch views. Even ask fans beforehand for questions and switch it up with a Q&A between performing. Don’t be limited in what you feel you can showcase.

The live stream feature on Pefoma allows you to stream to your fans for up to 4 hours. You can schedule your show and advertise it to your fans along with the ticket price (in Pefoma coins) you have set. Pefoma takes a small setup fee of 175 coins per person for this, regardless of what you decide to charge your fans. The fee is added to the price you decide to set. All coins are held in your pending balance for 24 hours after the stream has ended. Then you are free to withdraw, depending on your balance.

A link to enable you to download your live stream will be sent after your stream has ended.

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