Why You Should Try It

Pefoma is an innovative social platform that is centred around music. It was designed to allow music artists to build a community, have all different types of content on one place, and connect directly with fans.

The team behind Pefoma have experienced careers in different areas of the music industry. Our CEO founded the company based on a lifelong affinity for independent musicians and a desire to improve the technology that would allow them to build long and fulfilling careers.

How Does It Work? – The Basics

The key functions of the Pefoma platform are livestreaming and creating an artist’s ‘portfolio’. At Pefoma, we know that there are many dedicated music fans out there who are aware of the limitations on the ways that their favourite artists can make money in the modern and post-pandemic industry. These loyal fans have expressed a desire to financially support musicians in any way they can, from buying merch to crowdfunding.

This is why we have set up an option for artists to monetise the content that they post on Pefoma. You can charge a fee from as little as 52p for fans to watch your content. We believe that many of your audience members will be keen to pay that as it gives them an affordable way to feel that they’re contributing to keeping the music scene alive. And don’t worry, you will keep 100% of your earnings. Once you have £100 in your wallet, you can withdraw it via PayPal.

How Does It Differ from Other Socials?

We believe that Pefoma is truly unique as it is completely focussed on music. Unlike photo sharing platforms, artist profiles are solely dedicated to sharing their music-related content. This is great for artists and fans alike as it means that your feed will be less saturated, and there is more space for fantastic content to stand out.

We know that we’re not the first social media platform that allows content to be monetised. But what sets us apart from other video-sharing or digital streaming platforms is that the amount of money you will make per stream is much higher. Other platforms are known to pay an artist anywhere between £0.002 and £0.00052 per stream. On Pefoma, you as an artist get to decide how much you wish to charge per stream, and we believe that the minimum fee that we have set strikes the right balance between being affordable for fans and paying artists a fair price for their hard work.

Be Part of Our Pefoma Community

At Pefoma, we absolutely love to celebrate our community of artists. Our number one mission is to champion independent musicians. From being featured on our social media pages to being invited to exclusive live music events, there are lots of exciting things coming up. Becoming a part of our close-knit community will give you a chance to get involved and get discovered!

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