The 3 P’s of a successful Pefoma Live Stream Performance. Want to put on a killer live stream performance? Read on…….

Pefoma is not your average live stream platform. It is there for Artists to put on an awesome performance…hence the name. Below are a few things to consider that will elevate your profile and help you get the best from Pefoma.


Planning is key… like with any live show before the virus hit, set lists, fan engagement, set planning etc, thought needs to go into your show. Where are you going to do it? Set up is really important and needs to be meticulously thought out…

Time – with Pefoma you can set your performance to be 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours long. Planning will help you decide which length is best for you. You may feel 1 hour is too short, but 2 hours maybe a bit too long. Pick 2 hours if this is the case so it gives you some room to extend if things are going well.

How many songs are you going to perform? Do you want your fans to choose your set list? Or take requests?

What about a Q & A halfway through to break things up and make the experience more personal for your viewers?

What equipment will you need? Ensure you have a decent mic and the lighting is good.

Surroundings are important – make sure any personal items are out of view and the aesthetic is pleasing to the eye.. you don’t want your viewers seeing next week’s washing on your floor!

Make it more interactive for your viewers so they feel part of the performance. The chat box within the live stream screen allows viewers to comment in real time and also interact with other viewers


Promotion – schedule your show then spread the word over your socials. Maybe a giveaway at the end. The possibilities are endless and that’s the beauty of a live stream performance.

With Pefoma you can schedule your show on the app up to a month in advance, so that gives you plenty of time to get the word out and encourage fans to sign up early.

Build momentum, engage your followers, tell them what you are planning. You could even be featured on our “Upcoming Live Stream” section on the Discover page, where all users who follow your genre will see you have a show scheduled. Ensure your profile and bio are up to date, and you have posted content so everyone can see what you are about! This will give you a much better chance of being promoted to a new audience

Don’t forget you can post links to external sites in both your bio and content so users that discover you can hear your tracks.


No one likes asking for money, but to be blunt, you deserve to be paid for your work! You are putting on a show… your blood, sweat and tears go into your music and that needs to be recognised.

We are totally transparent with earnings, the price you set for your stream is the price you get paid. So it’s up to you what to charge. Don’t undervalue your talent but be mindful that in the early days it’s better to charge less to potentially attract more viewers, than to overprice and get no one. Once word spreads how awesome your shows are then the sky is the limit!

Also, don’t forget that viewers can tip you within the live performance!

Good luck – and be bold! You got this

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