Why Pefoma?

Pefoma is a social platform exclusively for music artists and fans. A space for music artists to monetise their content and gain exposure, whilst music fans discover and connect with their music. A platform like no other, Pefoma has been created specifically for Artists, with the underlying passion for supporting independent musicians as the real motivation.

Be part of the exclusive Pefoma club – Take control of your content.

Monetise your content

Built to enable you, the Artist, to earn from your craft. Creating music takes talent, dedication and hard graft. You have every right to monetise this and use Pefoma as a revenue stream that has been designed specifically for you.

Get discovered

Designed to enable your specific audience find you and appreciate your work, Pefomas’ unique algorithms lets you be found by the people who matter. It allows your work to be enjoyed by those who will really appreciate it… and YOU!

Breakthrough the noise, host all your content in ONE place

No other social platform has been designed specifically with the Artist at the forefront of its very design. Don’t get lost in the hoards on Instagram or the army on Facebook. Pefoma lets your talent shine through and allows you to be noticed by fans and industry professionals alike, in your own environment. We are the only platform that allows you to post and share your photos, videos and audio (coming soon) in one place, making it easy for fans, labels, managers & brands to discover your entire body of work.

Turn followers into fans

Fans are the backbone of an Artist and can be the reason for success or failure. Turning your followers into fans takes work, but Pefoma is here to help you make that happen. Competition for fans is fierce but by consistently releasing awesome content, actively engaging with your audience, and having a unique and relevant mix on your profile, your hard work will pay off.

Quit the day job, do what you love

Live the dream right? Dedication and passion count for a lot but they don’t pay the bills! The myriad of functions that Pefoma offers can play a huge part in helping you make that step to becoming a full time Artist. We don’t just provide you with the tools to do this but also we are your biggest fans. Pefoma is committed to help you thrive with an array of features for you to utilise, support and advice, and championing you in any way we can.

Reach fans across the world, host a world wide gig

We have designed a state of the art, bespoke, live streaming solution to enable you to reach a worldwide audience. Whether its an album listening party, a Q&A session, or a live set, the only limit is your imagination. The ability to invite fans virtually into your session gives it a personal touch, alongside multi camera and sound functionality. A virtual stage for you to perform across the globe, and reach audiences like never before.